Transparency in all business

 Integrity, Fairness and

 To uphold

 To strictly adhere with corporate governance

 Professional approach to encounters


Transform and raise awareness of the integral participation of the freight industry in the global distribution network of cargo and merchandise.


Uphold shareholder stewardship

Serve our customers with diligence and fairness without

Instill confidence in our business partners

To establish long lasting business partnerships in the supply chain for the benefit of our customers

Add value at every stage for the benefit of our customers

Establish relevant training programs for staff

To enhance employment creation and improve the standards of living of the community

Improve standards of clearing in liaison with border authorities to improve efficiency at the border

Project professionalism in all our business dealings



We are a wholly company that is involved in customs clearing services ,consultancy on customs matters ,freight forwarding and transport logistics. Moving cargo from point of origin into Zimbabwe or another freight destination is what we are geared to do .We also understand the complexity involved in the handling of certain documents and ensuring that correct paperwork is confidential.

Our view is that, the freight industry is made up of specialist components which require skilful co- ordination by personnel who understand logistical requirements for each individual. Each individual is special and must be treated that way.

As such the board of directors and shareholders of Artapec Shipping (Pvt) Ltd is made up of individuals with over eight years of experience amongst them ranging from forwarding ,Customs clearing ,Insurance, cargo consolidation ,freight broking ,transport, warehousing ,specialized transport and packaging through all modes of transport.

Our business operates from Zimbabwe with the head office in Beitbridge. With the introduction by Zimbabwe Revenue Authority of the Asycuda World System that offers time saving benefits, great data accuracy, we can provide electronic clearance nationwide in minimal time. Our offices comply with Zimbabwe Revenue Authority requirements in terms of internet connectivity band and computer hardware.

Hardworking People
Years of Experiences